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Market Based Approach

Farmers face many problems and there is no single solution to their problems. Green Harvest offers a suite of market approach services aimed at holistically tackling the poverty situation of farmers.


FINANCING for seed, crop protection products, and fertilisers


DISTRIBUTION of farm inputs


TRAINING on good agricultural practices


MARKET LINKAGE to maximise profit

Here’s how the model works;

Input Fund

Farmers receive high-quality seeds, crop protection products and fertilizer on credit. We offer a flexible repayment system that allows them to pay back their loans in installments only during harvesting and marketing of their produce.


We deliver inputs to farmers at the farm gate.


Farmers receive training throughout the season on Good Agricultural Practices.

Market Facilitation

We offer market linkages for their produce and teach farmers about market fluctuations, so that they can time crop sales to maximize profits.

Every link in this chain is important—if one is missing, then the others won’t have as much impact.

Our Growth Model

Green Harvest has a revenue-generating operating model: About 50 percent of our field expenses are financed through farmer loan repayments, in-kind contributions covering the rest. Improving financial sustainability is a key component of our expansion strategy. We want to grow quickly, but we know that outside funding may not always keep pace. We thus working on increasing productivity to ensure continuous self-financing.

Below are the principles that have driven our expansion over the past years.


With increased yields and income, more farmers will enroll with us. Our internal monitoring and evaluation mechanisms enable us to measure impact.


The communities that we work in, our clients trust us, and they recommend us to their neighbors. That’s why our model relies on building strong relationships and person-to-person marketing.


We have dedicated staff and volunteers in the field whose careers have developed over time. Our team members are motivated, know our model inside and out, and are committed to our clients’ success.

Focus On Trust

Integrity is one of our core values—we do what we say we’re going to do, and we’re committed to staying with communities for the long time. The trust we’ve earned with clients, opinion leaders, stakeholders and community leaders is one of our biggest assets.