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About Us

Green Harvest Agric Solutions was started by Kodimah Issifu Mahama after his several years of work with NGOs and other Private Companies that promoted agribusiness activities in the Northern parts of Ghana. Touched by the volume of resources left unharnessed during the long dry season period, he founded the organization to support many of the rural inhabitants to engage in economic activities that would generate revenue. High value Vegetable production became key. The company started with its own farm and later provided training services to farmers. But farmers had difficulty accessing quality seeds, crop protection products and fertilizers. This challenge made the organization to venture into an out-grower scheme.


Green Harvest Agric Solutions is a Social Enterprise which started its operations in the Upper West Region of Ghana in 2016. It is registered with the registrar General’s Department in Ghana. Our main focus is on: promoting irrigation technologies; access to markets; provision of pest and disease control training; access to credit; farm business training; and supply chain support.


Make large, lasting increases to the incomes and well-being of rural poor people though innovative and affordable market-based products and services


To create income and livelihood opportunities for poor rural farm households. This is achieved primarily by building the capacities of beneficiary farmers and providing them with the needed resources for crop production.


  • Poor women and men have the right to a secure livelihood
  • Markets are the most powerful force for significant, widespread and lasting impact on rural prosperity. The rural poor are potential customers, producers, and entrepreneurs. We listen to and learn from the people we work with.
  • We value innovation and entrepreneurship
  • We are results-oriented, aiming for significant impacts for large numbers of people
  • We strive for economic, social, and environmental equity and sustainability


Green Harvest’s operation in agriculture is focused in the rural areas of Upper West Region of the country where poverty is widespread. Farmers are exposed to a long period of dry season spanning over 8 months.  Most farmers do not earn any income over this period and households are not exposed to dietary diversification thus imposing on them both wealth and health challenges. However, these areas have the resources of land, water and human resource to cultivate crops especially high value crops during this long dry season period. With a special focus on dry season vegetable cultivation, Green Harvest’s operations targets primarily subsistence farmers who have access to land and potentially water but little else. Typically they are not fully connected to markets and do not have access to quality inputs, and credit. Most of them also lack labour augmenting technologies for lifting and distributing water for irrigation. As a result, they get sub-optimal results with regards to quantity and quality of yields, and farm gate prices are usually not commensurate to their input.